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About Us

YLAD Living Soils is an Australian owned company formed to supply a large range of biological, organic and humus compost fertility products and programs that support the natural balance of the physical, chemical and biological aspects of the soil, lessening the reliance on conventional chemical fertilser inputs.

Established in 2002 by Bill and Rhonda Daly, YLAD Living Soils have gained the reputation as leaders in agronomic advice for natural farming systems including environmental educational programs for farmers making the transition from industrial to biological agriculture.

In 2006 YLAD Living Soils introduced Humus Technology® to Australia which involves the production of high quality humus compost using local waste feedstocks and Aeromaster Composting Equipment and the Advanced Composting System methodology (ACS). A large portion of the value of humus compost comes from its ability to restore and enhance biological activity in the soil allowing nutrient cycles to function and recycle nutrients.

YLAD Living Soils produce YLAD Humus ProC Compost at their composting site on the Moppity Road Young and distribute throughout Australia.

To enable the education of other farmers, YLAD Living Soils have developed their own farm, ‘Milgadara’, into a model biological/humus farm, using the adage “practice what you preach” and ‘seeing is believing’. The farm provides opportunities for people to see the results from using more sustainable methods, and learn about the practical implementation of biological/humus farming.  

Milgadara’ model farm has been featured on national television programs including: Landline, Insight and Costa’s Garden Odyssey.

Mounting scientific evidence and direct experience in farming conditions has shown that building humus in the soil contributes to the sequestration of soil carbon, confirming that soils have an important role to play in reducing green house gas emissions and the health of our environment.

The world is facing food shortages that will worsen as climate change shrinks the area of prime farming land available for food production. The production of nutritious food in an ecologically sustainable manner is what drives us to educate, spread the word, on the benefits of compost and healthy living soils.  

Composting and biological agriculture is a ‘from the ground up’ change; YLAD Living Soils are committed to expanding natural farming techniques for the health of our farms and  planet.