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The Team

YLAD Living Soils and YLAD Living Compost, Putting life back into the land

YLAD Living Soils and YLAD Living Compost are pioneers in new science, agriculture and education for organic and sustainable farming and living. They are committed to offering new, more natural and sustainable systems in regenerative farming around Australia as well as in communities at large. YLAD use Humus Technology® and Microbial Balancing Technology to benefit mainstream, biological, organic, biodynamic and permaculture farmers in food, fruit and cereal crop production, as well as the wellbeing and welfare of animals.
How did this enterprise emerge to become one of the most innovative providers of biological fertilisers and a force for change in the way farming is done in Australia? The answer is found in a deep commitment to the land that began four generations ago, and an unwavering dedication that continued with the establishment of YLAD Living Soils in October 2002, and later YLAD Living Compost in 2006 by Bill and Rhonda Daly. Today its manufacturing and operating base is in Young, NSW where YLAD products and services are widely offered to the eastern states of Australia.

Bill Daly – Chairman & Co-Founder

Bill, a fourth generation farmer, began questioning the direction of conventional agriculture on his mixed-farm ‘Milgadara' over 25 years ago. He observed that the ever-increasing amounts of synthetic fertilisers, chemicals and pesticides together with current land management practices were leading to a decline in soil fertility, yields and associated problems with animal and human health. This led Bill to look for a system that would restore the balance in the soil leading to healthy plants with less disease, weeds and pests.

Bill’s role in YLAD Living Soils is involved with working with customers to give expert agronomic advice as well as been a Humus Compost Consultant with the philosophy of using local waste to produce local fertiliser for local food production. Using ‘Milgadara' as a model farm and benchmark for biological/humus farming has allowed us to illustrate the benefits of a more natural system.

Bill is constantly working towards improving the health and well-being of the agricultural system and the people who work in it.


Rhonda Daly – Managing Director, Consultant, Sales Manager & Co-Founder

Rhonda is passionate about restoring soils to a balanced, healthy, biological alive system that will produce healthy plants, animals and people. As the founder of YLAD Living Soils, Rhonda is on a crusade to bring improved soil and human health solutions to the global environmental stage as well as helping others make the paradigm shift to more natural, sustainable farming systems.

In 2001 during a serious illness with meningitis, Rhonda was guided to heal the soils. During her recovery period Rhonda realised that the quality of our food is directly related to the health and nutritional balance of the soil. Toxic chemical poisoning was the cause of her illness so Rhonda advocates reducing toxin chemicals in agriculture.

Rhonda is respected for her vast agronomic knowledge of soil, plant, root interactions and has assisted farmers worldwide in returning their soil to a breathing living ecosystem. A certified Humus Compost Consultant Rhonda has set up more than 42 Humus Composting Operations throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Providing educational opportunities to empower farmers to return to a more sustainable method of farming, reducing their chemical usage while increasing production and profitability are areas that inspires Rhonda, knowing that she is contributing to the overall health of food production and the environment.

Heavily in demand as a speaker and educator, Rhonda appears at dozens of agricultural field days and farmer meetings every year.  Rhonda has spoken to a diverse range of audiences from Spain to New Zealand and all over Australia including Tasmania.

Julie Anderson - Finance/Administration

Recently relocated from Goulburn to Young.

Bookkeeper for the past 20 years.

Joined YLAD Living Soil’s team in September 2011.

Enjoys gardening – particularly the end result of healthy plants without the use of chemicals!