Attendees at the field day

Future Gen Farming Seminar and Field Day, March 11-12 2020

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Demonstration & Field Day

Demonstration & Field Day – Milgadara Young

Wednesday March 11, 2 pm – 5 pm

Travel by bus out to Milgadara, a working model farm where we will see:

  • Demonstration of Aeromaster Compost Turner – Windrow building, windrow monitoring and windrow turningDemonstration of Aeromaster TE-500 Tea Extraction Unit and application as  a living liquid humus fertiliser for fertigation, foliar and liquid injection
  • Demonstration of Liquid Injection Set Up on a Flexi-Coil Air seeder
  • Soil Pit in Fingerboard Paddock - What is Going On Under the Ground? 
    • Monitor soil structure, texture, soil life, colouring, profile, smell, root growth, water holding capacity
  • DIY test of MicroBiometer Unit to assess total soil microbial biomass in soil and compost
  • Visit long term pasture paddock and discuss grazing management and choice of correct pasture species mix for production, soil and animal health
  • Dealing with crop residues to increase soil carbon