Attendees at the field day

Future Gen Farming Seminar and Field Day, March 11-12 2020

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Seminar Program

Wednesday March 11 2020

7:30 Registration and coffee - Young Services Club Cloete Street, Young
8:00 Rhonda Daly, Narelle Hunter
Welcome & Setting your Intention for the Seminar
8:30 Hugh Lovel
Bringing your Soils to Life

Maximising Biomass Production & Digestive Activity to Build Soil Carbon

9:15 Joel Williams
Plant Diversity – A driver of Soil Health

Learn how the effects of more plant species diversity impacts the physical, chemical and biological aspects of the soil

10:00 Morning Tea
10:30 Rhonda Daly
The Launch of NanoTECHAg

New Technology in Australia for improved production

10:40 YC Lim
Organic Colloidal Concentrate

A nano-structured new generation carrier tool to help with nutritional deficiencies, significantly enhancing the delivery and penetration efficacy of active compounds to nutrient management

How to Reduce Herbicide, Pesticide & Fungicide Use

11:30 YC Lim
Trial data results of OCC

Herbiciding, Disease Management, Nutritional Fertility

12:00 Rhonda Daly
Humus Composting 101 & Extracted Humus Compost Tea Extraction
  • Overview of Humus Compost Production including the five stages of production & the three measurement metrics
  • Extracted Humus Compost Tea Production & Trial Results
12:45 Lunch
1:30 Leave for Demonstration and Field Trip to Milgadara by bus
2:00 Bill Daly, Rhonda Daly, Hugh Lovel
Demonstation Aeromaster Compost Turner
  • Building a compost windrow
  • When to Turn - the three monitoring metrics Temperature, Carbon Dioxide & Moisture
  • What makes Humus Compost so different from other compost
2:30 Bill Daly, Rhonda Daly, Hugh Lovel, YC Lim
Demonstration Aeromaster Tea Extraction TE-500 Unit

Setting up a Liquid Injection system

3:00 Bill Daly, Hugh Lovel
Visit Fingerboard Paddock

Benefits of undersown crops and cover cropping

  • Soil Pit Profile - visual soil assessment
  • Assessing soil structure, colour, smell, soil life, plant rooting depths, nodulation carbon storage, water holding capacity assessment
  • DIY Test of Microbiometer
  • The importance of controlled rotational grazing & the benefits of long term perennial pastures
  • Chosing correct pasture species mix for your paddocks
4:00 Bill Daly, Hugh Lovel, Rhonda Daly
Visit Horse Paddock - Undersown Canola 2019

Assess soil properties & root residues

4:45 Narelle Hunter
Managing your Mindset in Challenging Times
5:30 Stephanie Cooke MP
Steph Cooke MP to officially open new office
6:00 Drinks and Refreshments
6:30 Casual Barbecue dinner at Milgadara
8:30 Travel by bus into YOUNG

Thursday March 12 2020

8:00 Doors open with Coffee - Young Services Club Cloete Street, Young
8:30 Rhonda Daly
8:45 Charles Massy
Author - Australia's Anthropocene Crisis and Regenerative Solutions
9:30 Rhonda Daly
Understanding Your Soil
  • Understanding the physical, chemical and biological aspects of your soils
  • What no one will ever tell you when reading your soil tests
  • Building your tool box - designing programs for your soils
10:15 Morning Tea
10:45 Louisa Kiely - Carbon Farmers of Australia
Soil Carbon Trading & Setting up a Soil Carbon Project
11:30 Chris Hall - NSW Farmer of the Year
Chris's findings and learnings how soil microbiology and humus are the key to soil & production improvement
12:15 Hugh Lovel
How Nitrogen works in the Soil

The importance of getting nitrogen levels right for everything else to fall into place

1:00 Lunch
2:00 Rhonda Daly
Establishing Regenerative Pasture & Cropping Programs
  • Bringing your soils to life after droughts & bushfires
  • Does Biological/Regnerative Ag Pay off - 3 years ABARE Financial Data
2:45 Hugh Lovel, Louisa Kiely, Rhonda Daly, Chris Hall, Bill Daly, YC Lim
Panel Discussion

Questions to the Panel

3:30 Participant activity - led by the Panel
Designing your soil/cropping program with tools you have learned and how to practically implement them
4:30 Adjourn