Future Gen Farming Seminar and Field Day, March 11-12 2020

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Photo of Rhonda Daly

Rhonda Daly

Known as ‘The Earth Agent’, Rhonda Daly has spent the past two decades dedicating her life to healing the soils. Her story is a journey from pain to passion nearly losing her life to meningitis as a result of chemical exposure used in farming when she was a child. Rhonda and husband Bill established YLAD Living Soils in 2002 to supply farmers with a biological fertility system to improve the mineral and microbial balance in soils. YLAD Living Soils introduced Humus Compost Production to Australia in 2006 and distributes Aeromaster Compost Turners and Aeromaster Tea Extraction Units around Australia as well as produces 3000 tonnes of Humus Compost per year.

Rhonda is passionate about restoring soils to a balanced, healthy, biological living system that will produce healthy food, animals and people and realises that the quality of our food is directly related to the health and nutritional balance of the soil and advocates reducing toxic chemicals in agriculture. Rhonda is respected for her vast agronomic knowledge of compost, soil, plant and root interactions and has assisted farmers worldwide in returning their soil to a breathing living ecosystem.

Providing educational opportunities to empower farmers to return to a more regenerative method of farming, reducing their chemical usage while increasing production and profitability is what inspires Rhonda, knowing that she is contributing to the overall health of food production, the environment and society.

Bill Daly

Four generation farmer on Milgadara Young, Bill Daly began questioning his ‘best district practices’ in the late 1990’s when he attended an Alex Podolinsky Bio-Dynamic Course to better understand what his problems were. Ever increasing fertiliser and chemical applications saw less yield and soils that were becoming like terracotta tiles, despite 28 years of liming and 50 years of single super. In 2002 Bill co-founded YLAD Living Soils with his wife Rhonda and discovered that the missing link was soil microbiology.

Bill shares the same passion for regenerating agricultural soils as Rhonda which he has been able to integrate on their farm Milgadara Young. Milgadara is used as a model farm and is one of the nineteen case studies throughout Australia for the Soils’ for Life program. Following his theory to understand what effect every input has on soil life has allowed Bill to build a system where he can continue running his self-replacing merino flock, prime lamb production, breeding angus cows and cropping. Bill’s broad knowledge of livestock, and cropping, Humus Compost production, Compost Tea Extraction and liquid injection systems has made Bill a very popular mentor amongst farmers.

Hugh Lovel

Hugh Lovel is a farmer, multi-disciplinary scientist and international teacher of Regenerative, Biodynamic and Quantum Agriculture. Author of A Biodynamic Farm and Quantum Agriculture: Biodynamics and Beyond, his articles appear in ACRES, USA and ACRES Australia. He is a US/Australian dual citizen and consults in Europe, South Africa and other countries as well. Hugh aims to raise and expand the level of scientific understanding of how nature and agriculture work. He and his wife, Shabari, reside in Blairsville, Georgia or the Kyogle Shire of New South Wales.

Charles Massy. BSc PhD OAM

Charles Massy gained a Bachelor of Science (Zoology; Human Ecology) at ANU in 1976 before going farming for 35 years and developing the prominent Merino sheep stud 'Severn Park'. Concern at ongoing land degradation and humanity's sustainability challenge led him to return to ANU in 2009 to undertake a PhD in Human Ecology. Charles was awarded an Order of Australia Medal for his services as Chair and Director of a number of research organizations and statutory wool boards. He has also served on national and international review panels in sheep and wool research and development and genomics. Charles has authored several books on the Australian sheep and wool industry, the most recent being the widely acclaimed Breaking the Sheep's Back (UQP 2011), which was short-listed for the Prime Minister's Australian Literary Awards in Australian History in 2012. Call of the Reed Warbler: A New Agriculture - a New Earth is Charles's fourth book; it has attained best-seller status, and has been shortlisted for the 2018 Queensland Literary Awards - Non-Fiction Book Award, the 2018 Waverley Library Award and the 2018 ABIA Book Awards - Small Publishers' Adult Book of the Year.

Joel Williams

Joel Williams is an independent plant and soil health educator and a healthy soils advocate, providing lectures, workshops and consultation on soil management, plant nutrition and integrated approaches of sustainable food production. Joel studied a Bachelor of Agricultural Science in Australia specialising in plant and soil dynamics and has an interest in managing soil microbial ecology along with crop & soil nutrition to optimise plant immunity, soil function and soil carbon sequestration. More recently Joel has been working in the UK and Europe with both conventional and organic farming systems integrating soil chemical & biological assessments, along with plant nutritional analyses as a joined-up strategy for managing crop production. Joel has been fortunate enough to educate farming audiences in Australia, UK, Ireland, France, Netherlands, Latvia, Bulgaria, South Africa, Kenya, Canada and the US.

Y C Lim

An entrepreneur, Y.C. Lim has been based in Hong Kong since the mid-80s. A Singaporean and a graduate of the University of Oregon in the United States.

In 2005, YC  founded INERGI Group developing products and solutions for sustainable development with special focus in colloidal technology for Sustainable Agriculture. 

Their holistic approach to agriculture is based on the belief that prevention is always better than cure.  

The key to their exciting colloidal technology is an innovative colloidal structure described as Organic Colloidal Concentrate (OCC).   As an ingredient for agriculture formulations OCC can significantly enhance the delivery and penetration efficacy of active compounds to improve the overall performance of the agrochemical product. 

Inergi’s strength is in the prevention and reduction of disease incidence using a nutritional approach, and at the same time improve yield and quality attributes that provides good value to customers and end-users.

Inergi’s products and technologies are being applied in EU, North/South America, Asia & MENA region markets and now in Australia.

Louisa Kiely

Louisa Kiely co-founded Carbon Farmers of Australia with her husband Michael. 

As director of Carbon Farmers of Australia, she was a part of a consortium of 3 companies which developed the first Soil Carbon Methodology submitted to the Carbon Farming Initiative process. Carbon farmers of Australia also offers farm ready training in Carbon Farming and Trading.

Carbon Farmers of Australia purchased the first soil carbon credits in Australia in 2019 under the Emissions Reduction Fund.  Louisa will discuss the process of achieving your goals of starting a soil carbon project.

Chris Hall

Chris Hall is a 3rd generation mixed enterprise farmer, with his wife Lee, specialising in growing and packing export premium cherries as well as cross breed sheep, angus cattle, cereal and mixed species cover crops. Chris has a strong affiliation to partner with Nature rather than controlling it, an approach that has now enabled him to farm pesticide and herbicide free for more than two years.

Chris first came to YLAD Living Soils in November 2013 inquiring about biological amendments to make his soils healthier.  The journey has continued with Chris incorporating YLAD Humus Compost and other biological and nutritional products into his program. The 3 L’s really apply to Chris’ reasoning, Learning, Life Choices and Legacy.  Chris has continually sought out many educational opportunities through various programs and certifications, he then has made many life choices to implement these learnings and change his practices and inputs and the ultimate, the legacy he is creating.

Winning Carbon Cocky of the Year and the very prestigious 2020 New South Wales Farmer of the Year has put Chris in the limelight as an advocate for soil microbiology and assisting other producers make the move to more regenerative agriculture with confidence.

Narelle Hunter

Narelle Hunter is a Dru yoga therapist, meditation & mindfulness specialist, offering trauma sensitive techniques to calm the nervous system & reduce early signs of anxiety, stress, insomnia & tension. Her teaching style makes you feel like there is something you ‘can do’ during challenging times with a mindful approach to goal setting and self care.

Photo of Steph Cooke MP

Steph Cooke MP

After growing up and attending St Anne’s Central School in Temora, Steph returned home after a successful career in Sydney which included stints in marketing, customer relations and branding for companies such as Allied Mills and Coca-Cola and rose to the rank of Executive Director with the Baking Association of NSW aged just 21.

Steph entered politics in 2017 and was elected to the NSW Parliament to represent the fourth largest seat in the State – Cootamundra in October 2017 in a by-election that followed the retirement of long-serving MP Katrina Hodgkinson. 

Describing herself as a “fighter”, Steph is passionate, practical, persistent and logical and wishes to use her business acumen to ensure service delivery for the Cootamundra Electorate. Her vision for the Cootamundra electorate is not unlike her approach to life – one that protects and preserves but also builds and grows our assets and people.