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Life-Force Pasture Boost

A quality pasture can only truly be achieved via balanced nutrition & biology found in a healthy soil.

Life-Force Pasture Boost addresses all the critical fertility factors required to bring life & fertility back to tired soils.

Designed by along established & successful Australian farming family in conjunction with NTS Life-Force Pasture Boost is high performance product specifically designed for maximum stock health & production & on going soil fertility.


The many benefits of biologically activated nutrition

Life-Force Pasture Boots has been specifically designed utilising fertilisers that will yield maximum long term fertility to soil. plant & animal. In real terms this means that common fertility problems such as nutrient leaching, erosion, hardpans, aluminium toxicity, key nutrient deficiencies and phosphorus lock up are rectified, as well as the recovery of weed affected soils.

Unlike acid treated phosphorus, the colloidal clay from of phosphorus in Life-force Pasture Boost will not lock up .

Sustained release of the required nutrition & the continuing stimulation of appropriate microbes, via paramagnetic activity & humic acid release, ensures pasture growth is vigorous & more importantly, nutrient dense. The quality, or nutrient density of a pasture is the key to producing strong, healthy stock that are capable of superior productivity.

Analysis of Pasture Boost


Nutrients–Life-Force® Pasture Boost
Nitrogen N 0.12%
Phosphorus P 4.91%
Potassium K 0.10%
Sulphur S 0.47%
Carbon C 7.00%
Calcium Ca 13.50%
Magnesium Mg 1.22%
Copper Cu 1518 ppm
Zinc Zn 1913 ppm
Manganese Mn 5097 ppm
Boron B 1400 ppm
Humic Acid 8.00%

Application rate - 200 - 600 kg per hectare for long term sustainability and profitability.

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