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Soft Rock Phosphate and Fertility

The status of phosphorus as a critical element in plant growth has never really been in doubt, but recent evidence suggests that this element may be even more important than previously realised. Research into high production fertility has revealed that, although the presence of adequate phosphate is essential, the type of phosphate appears to be at least as important. The acid-treated phosphates, which include super phosphate, triple super, MAP and DAP, appear to have serious problems in relation to stability and ongoing plant availability. Natural rock phosphate, or hard rock phosphate, also has problems. It is a very slow release source of phosphorus, which is mainly of value in acid soils with high humus levels. Soft Rock Phosphate or colloidal phosphate is the only problem-free source. It is the choice of consultants involved with sustainable agriculture throughout the world. Queensland company, Nutri-Tech Solutions Pty Ltd , is the exclusive distributors of a genuine Australian alternative and the local product ranks amongst the best. Nutri-Phos Soft Rock is available at competitive rates in all states.


Nutri-Phos application guidelines for broadacre cropping and pasture:

In conjunction with other Life-Force® products described above, a typical three year fertility improvement plan will include:

Year 1 and 2 Nutri-Phos -  70-140 kg per ha
Year 3 Nutri-Phos -  35-70 kg per ha

There are now examples of very successful crops grown in South Australia on well-structured soils without any phosphorous application required.

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