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Wonder Foods Vitamin C

Antioxidants for the improvement of well being vitamin supplementation can only be of assistance if the dietary vitamin intake is adequate.

100% Australian owned and made Wonder Foods Tangy Vitamin C  hesperidin & mineral powder. A vitamin C and mineral supplement with a natural lemon flavour.


  • A tasty, tangy vitamin C supplement in a convenient powder form. When stirred into a glass of water, mineral water or fruit juice makes a tangy citrus tasting drink.
  • Free of yeast, salt, corn products, wheat products (gluten), artificial sweeteners and flavouring, sucrose and lactose.
  • Packaging
  • 200 gram jars.


Each 2 grams contains: Ascorbic acid 800 mg, Calcium ascorbate 200 mg, hesperidin 190 mg, Calcium phosphate 100 mg, Magnesium phosphate 190 mg, Zinc sulfate monohydrate 2.9 mg, natural lemon flavour. Contains glucose and fructose

Recommended Rates


  • Adults: 2 grams (half of a level metric teaspoon) daily.
  • Children: 2-12 years half adult dose.


  • Store below 30°C
  • Keep container tightly capped to protect from moistures

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