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NTS Soluble Boron Granules

Apply carbon with boron in winter to achieve effective calcium throughout the season
Winter boron applications stimulate silicon availability, influencing calcium uptake from spring until harvest.
Full Season Boron Availability Application Rates

Soil Broadcast: 10-25kg/ha

Seed Treatment: 2.5kg per tonne of seed

Planting Blends: Include at 7% of fertiliser rate, i.e. 7kg boron stabilised granules with every 100kg of granular fertiliser.

BFA Certified Organic (A1456)  

“Calcium is considered the trucker of all minerals but boron is the steering wheel”
Gary Zimmer

Huma-Tech Stabilised Boron Granules™ provide boron complexed into a humate colloid to create a slow-release response preventing boron from leaching.

Lucerne, Canola, and Pulse Crops have a high requirement for Boron.
Boron is essential for germination of pollen grains, growth of pollen tubes, and seed and cell wall formation.
Boron is necessary for sugar translocation produced during photosynthesis.

NTS Stabilised Boron Granules™

  • A 2-4mm granule can be combined with any granular fertiliser mixes to simplify application. Unlike traditional boron sources, this product can safely be included with seed.
  • Boron plays a critical role during the pollination stage of the reproduction process and the presence or lack of this element at this time can dramatically influence yield.
  • Boron increases calcium efficiency and like calcium, is involved in cell wall strength and is important for good root development.
  • Ideal in light soils where boron is poorly retained
  • Perfect for soils with low organic matter, i.e. humus is the boron storehouse.
  • Bonds with fertilisers and reduces the leaching of nitrogen and the lock-up of phosphorus
  • Stabilises urea, providing long-life nitrogen
  • Stimulates faster emergence and greatly increases root development
  • Buffers plants from excess sodium in soil or water
  • Increases soil moisture and nutrient holding capacity
  • “Holds” nutrients in sandy soil and improves structure in heavy soils
  • Contributes to reduced disease levels in all crops
  • Produces quality improvements in all crops
  • Hosts beneficial soil life and builds organic carbon levels in soil
  • Builds milk production and animal weight gains due to higher mineral density pastures
  • Reduces adverse weather stress on plants
  • Avoids the “feast or famine” syndrome of soluble fertilisers
The trap door which governs the sugar flow from leaf to root is controlled by boron.

NTS Stabilised Boron Granules™

Highly soluble, contains 40% humic acids 10% boron content.
Convenient and easy to use, blend with fertiliser or seed.
Compatible with all dry fertilisers.

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