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NTS Soluble Humate Granules



Humates contribute to disease management, in Canola Crop at Young, NSW.

Humates drought proof broadacre crops.

Humates reduce urea applications and improve pasture quality.

Huma-Tech™ Soluble Humate Granules are highly concentrated and extremely soluble. One teaspoon of granules will turn a glass of water black!

Increasing Fertiliser Efficiency

Include with all fertilisers: Urea, DAP, MAP, SOA, etc.

Rates: 2-7 kg/ha or a ratio of 1 kg of Huma-Tech™ to 10-20 kg of fertiliser.

Concentrated humate granules prevent fertiliser lock-up and leaching, and reduce damage from excess sodium in soil and irrigation water.


NTS Soluble Humate Granule

  • Allows reduction in fertiliser rates up to 50%
  • Bonds with fertilisers and reduces the leaching of nitrogen and the lock-up of phosphorus
  • Stabilises urea, providing long-life nitrogen
  • Stimulates faster emergence and greatly increases root development
  • Buffers plants from excess sodium in soil or water
  • Increases soil moisture and nutrient holding capacity
  • “Holds” nutrients in sandy soil and improves structure in heavy soils
  • Contributes to reduced disease levels in all crops
  • Produces quality improvements in all crops
  • Hosts beneficial soil life and builds organic carbon levels in soil
  • Builds milk production and animal weight gains due to higher mineral density pastures
  • Reduces adverse weather stress on plants
  • Avoids the “feast or famine” syndrome of soluble fertilisers

NTS  Potassium Humate Granules


Potassium Humate Granules are highly soluble, contain 70% humic acids with 16% fulvic acid content. Convenient and easy to use, blend with fertiliser or seed. Compatible with all dry fertilisers.

A. Control 100Kg/ha

B. Life-Force® Seeding Program

  • 50Kg/ha DAP
  • Four-Pack Seed Treatment
  • 2Kg/ha Huma-Tech™ Humate Granules
  • 4Kg/ha Zinc Mono



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