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Organic Citrus Program

3 easy steps to Boost Production & Profit

Organic Citrus Program Organic Citrus Program (453 KB)

Step 1

SoilTherapy™ Report and YLAD Compost Mineral Blend

Once a year, undertake soil testing to determine soil nutrient requirements.(Contact YLAD Living Soils office for a free soil testing kit)  Broadcast your specifically designed YLAD Compost Mineral Blend immediately after harvest.  Balancing the minerals in your soil with Humus Compost will help to improve soil structure and water holding capacity as well as increase overall fertility and production

Step 2

Fertigation and Foliar Program

Please note that this is a general program and should be monitored and fine-tuned with leaf analysis.  Certain inputs may need to be omitted depending on soil excesses.


Apply just prior to flowering:
  • Agri-Organica at 2 L/ha
  • Phos-Life at 5 L/ha
  • Nutri-Kelp™ at 600 g/ha
  • Inkabor (soluble boron) at 1 kg/ha
  • Cloak spray oil at 1 L/ha 


Once per Annum – Between September & January - 
Nutri-Life Platform at 200gms per ha with 10 litres liquid fish

At the beginning and end of each season  
Twin N – Organic Nitrogen Fixing Bacteria

Apply monthly through the season:
  • Phos-Life™ at 15 L/ha
  • Molasses at 5 L/ha
  • Organic potassium sulphate (naturally mined) at 20 kg/ha
  • NTS Fulvic 1400™ at 3 L/ha

Apply monthly from fruit-set to harvest:
  • Phos-Life™ at 5 L/ha
  • Amino-Tech™ at 5 L/ha
  • K-Carb-35 AT 4 L/ha
  • Magnesium sulphate at 6 kg/ha
  • Sulphate based trace (according to leaf test)
  • Cloak™ spray oil at 1 L/ha

Step 3

Building Biology – BioTX500 HP – Compost Tea

Building Biology – BioTX500 HP is a potent microbial inoculum produced using the Aeromaster Compost Tea Extraction Unit.  It will help to improve soil structure and nutrient cycling by repopulating the soil with beneficial soil biology and humus substances.  This tea applied monthly at 50-100 l/ha helps build beneficial soil biology, reduces disease causing pathogens and creates an environment in which citrus thrive.  (Note:  Compost Tea fertigation can be included with the fertilisers above.