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5 Easy Steps to Boost Production & Profit

Vegetable Program Vegetable Program (519 KB)

Step 1

YLAD Humus Compost Prescription Blend

Once a year, undertake soil testing to determine soil nutrient requirements. Apply YLAD Humus Compost Prescription Blend at a rate of 2000kg to 4000kg depending on soil requirements. The YLAD Humus Compost Prescription Blend is specifically designed and applied pre budburst to balance the minerals in your soil while building a diverse population of soil biology. YLAD Humus Compost also assists with improving soil structure and water holding capacity.

Step 2

Planting Blend

Planting – Use a custom down the tube blend to grow a healthy, vigorous root system. Strong roots are the first step towards a resilient, high yielding crop. The YLAD planting blend includes fast and slow release phosphorus and never locks up in the form of Guano and Soluble Humate Granules. It also includes trace minerals such as Boron and Zinc to assist buffer the nutrients in the soil to increase plant health and nutrition and ensures the plant is feed well during the growing cycle. 

Step 3

Planting Material Treatment

This recipe has shown to be very successful in promoting early root and shoot growth in vegetables Nutri-Life Platform is a potent microbial inoculant which will helpto  improve nutrient cycling and soil structure by repopulating the soil with beneficial soil biology. 

Fertigate the following immediately after planting:
  • Root and Shoot at 10 L/Ha
  • Nutri-Life Platform at 200 g/Ha
  • Agri-Organica at 1 L/Ha

Step 4

Fertigation and Foliar Program

Please note that this is a general program and should be monitored and fine-tuned with leaf analyses. Certain fertigation inputs may need to be omitted based on soil excesses (contact your Soil Therapy™Agronomist for details).


Apply weekly for the first 4 weeks:
  • Trio (CMB) - Ferigate at 10 L/Ha
  • Dia-Life
  • NTS Fulvic 1400 at 2 L/Ha

Apply weekly from week 5 onwards:
  • Potassium sulfate at 15 kg/Ha
  • Phos-Life at 10 L/Ha
  • Sea-Change KFF at 5 L/Ha


Apply every 10-14 days:
  • Veg-Tech Triple Ten at 5 L/ha
  • Magnesium Sulfate at 5 kg/ha
  • Nutri-Key Shuttle Seven at 2 L/ha
  • Agri-Organica at 1L/Ha
  • Cloak Spray Oil at 200 mL/100 L water
Apply every 10-14 days (separate to the above):
  • Cal-Tech at 5 L/ha
  • Cloak spray oil at 200 mL/100 L water
  • Include Inkabour at 1 kg/Ha prior to flowering

Step 5

Building Biology

Bio TX 500 is a water based extraction of the soluble minerals, humic substances, and microbes containing highly concentrated microbial diversity produced by extracting beneficial microbes from high quality humified compost. Which helps to improve soil structure and nutrient cycling by re-populating the beneficial soil biology, improves plant nutrition by increasing nutrient availability in the root system, reduce the negative impact of chemical based pesticides, herbicides and fertilisers on beneficial micro-organisms and reduce water loss by improving the water holding capacity in the soil.