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Plant Therapy

Plant Therapy™ is a comprehensive leaf analysis and nutrition programming service utilising foliar and fertigation recommendations. Plant health is the key to minimal pest and disease pressure. Plant Therapy™ aids in achieving this critical balance.

There are three main factors that have limited the viability of regular leaf analyses. These include cost, turnaround time and the lack of a suitable action plan based on the leaf analysis data.

Cost: Typically, the standard price of a leaf analysis is $93.50.

This is an insignificant cost in relation to potential benefits, but it can still be off-putting in some cash-strapped situations. A bulk arrangement has recently been negotiated for Nutri-Tech clients, where leaf analysis is now available for a substantial discount.

Turnaround time: Leaf analysis provides an accurate report of the current nutritional status of the plant. Often immediate action is required, and a two to three week turnaround time is unacceptable. The Plant Therapy™ leaf analysis service offered by NTS has a lab turnaround time of five to seven days. Samples are sent to the lab (by express post if necessary), where they are processed and results are faxed back immediately upon completion to NTS. A comprehensive report is then prepared and faxed, emailed or posted to the grower.

Plant Therapy™ leaf analysis kits are available from YLAD LIVING SOILS.
Please contact us for an analysis kit.

Action plan: Leaf analysis results often demand an immediate positive approach. The most rapid and efficient solution to deficiencies, revealed through mid-season monitoring, is via foliar-fertilising, utilising chelated trace elements and/or major elements if required.

Plant Therapy™ Test - Leaf Analysis Feedback Form.

Leaf Information Sheet 2019 Leaf Information Sheet 2019 (49 KB)

Plant Therapy™ Test - Chain of Custody Form

Chain of Custody Leaf 2021 Chain of Custody Leaf 2021 (249 KB)

Leaf Analysis Instructions

Leaf Sampling Directions 2021 Leaf Sampling Directions 2021 (865 KB)

Computer software has been designed for over 100 different crops, to generate coloured bar charts, which existing nutrient levels with 'ideal' levels for each crop.