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Revolutionary Advanced Microbes assist with Herbicide Resistance

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Revolutionary Advanced Microbes assist with Herbicide Resistance

Australia farmers spend approximately $3 billion on combating weeds, pest and soil problems, with 89% of farmers combating weeds and 80% combating pests.

Since 1950, when the world first began widespread herbicide use, there was zero resistance; today we have 388 resistant weeds with this number growing annually.

Combating this ever increasing problem has meant looking for stronger herbicides or toxic mixes of chemicals to defeat these resistant weeds. As illustrated in the ad this is taking a toll on our beneficial microbes and allowing the pathogenic microbes to proliferate.

Widespread scientific research has now confirmed the detrimental effects of Glysophate on soils varying from reduced mineral uptake into the plant, a known microcode on soil microbes and the cause of in-crop diseases.

YLAD Livings Soils can now counteract the negative effects of herbicides on soil microbiology by mixing Agri-Organica with chemicals at a rate of 1:1000 for a small cost of $3 per hectare.  The amount of chemical can also be reduced by a quarter creating a cost benefit to the farmer.

This revolutionary advanced microbial product from Japan is derived from the latest biotechnology knowhow and acts as ‘food’ to beneficial microbes as well as supplying eighty 80% minerals to the soil.  Beneficial local microbes also release enzymes that ‘cleanse’ chemical compounds from the soil reducing the impact on the soil eco-system.

Agri-Organica is a very powerful ‘tool’ that every farmer should have in his shed as it has many many possible uses.  For only $3/ha you can rebuild, recondition and rejuvenate tired soils building good natural bacteria to suppress pathogens.

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