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Combating Late Season Frosts

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Combating Late Season Frosts

With more extreme weather events becoming the norm these days, orchardists, vignerons and farmers are experiencing damaging late frosts at flowering severely reducing fruit and grain set costing producers millions of dollars in lost production. 

Up to date,  very little has been possible to reduce the impact of these late frosting events,  however as with most things technology has come to the fore with a new product that is proving, after extensive trials, very successful in reducing the impact of frosting.  YLAD Living Soils are confident that by taking early precautions the incidence of frosting can be reduced.


The anti-frost program involves a combination of three inputs that have been linked to frost protection as well as an advanced microbial product.  This combination of products is then sprayed onto the trees or crops giving protection for up to 40 DAYS, as long as no chemical sprays are applied to kill the microbiology.


Rhonda Daly, owner of YLAD Living Soils said farmers need to understand more fully the nutritional needs of the plant and how nature designed roots and the nutrient cycle to work, to be in a better position to supply necessary nutrients to hit our target yields and protein lifting plant Brix also known to reduce frosting. 

Plant frost damage occurs when ice crystals rupture plant cells. Pure water freezes at 0o Celsius, a 10 Brix mixture freezes at -5.5o Celsius; and a 15 Brix mixture won’t freeze until it reaches -9.4o Celsius.  Many high Brix growers find their production season extended because the first few frosts no longer harm their crop.  While a sugar-water mixture is not exactly the same as Brix, growers are encouraged to grow high Brix crops.

Graham Mulligan at Alextown reported that when spreading his Humus Compost™ blend he ran out before finishing the paddock.  When the late frost of 2013 occurred Graham noticed that the only part of the wheat crop to be frosted was where the Humus Compost™ had not been spread, proving that healthy living soils produce more resilient plants.

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