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Down and Dirty

The Future is in Liquid Fertilisers

Friday, September 28, 2012
An article in Stock and Land Newspaper:

YLAD Living Soils have just launched the new TE250 Tea Extraction Unit in Australia.   YLAD, a solely owned Australian family business is well known for assisting farmers become self reliant on producing their own fertiliser requirements, in real terms this has to be the future for farmers who are looking to become more environmentally aware.

A three year trial run by an independent company has shown that the liquid humus compost tea, Bio TX500, produced from the big-brother of the TE250 the TE500 was not only more economical but also more sustainable then the control of 80kg MAP/ha. The smaller unit is going to allow more farmers purchase the TE250 for on farm extracting of humus compost tea.

Trial results showed that the liquid injection treatment (T2), which had only 100L Bio TX500 applied at sowing, returned the second highest gross margin/ha in 2007, and the highest gross margin in 2008 and 2009. The 2009 Bio TX treatment returned $830/ha compared to $798/ha for the controls of 80kg MAP. (gross profit – fertiliser costs).  

It must be remembered that the three years these trials were run were drought conditions when some people would say that microbial inoculums would not perform well.  The use of microbial inoculums as foliar, fertigation or liquid inject is growing in Australia and YLAD have the knowledge to assist you set up both on farm extracting as well as on-farm composting.

The BioTX500 can also be used very successfully as a Foliar fertiliser which is the practice of spraying a nutrient solution directly on the leaves of plants in order to boost their vigour so that they grow and produce better. Potentially this can improve the delivery of hard to access nutrients by factors ranging from ten-fold to more than a hundred-fold. 

Cereal grains respond brilliantly if the inputs, techniques, timing and circumstances coincide to boost the growth of the crop in its early to mid vegetative stages.

We the rising price of fertilisers it is important that farmers have other options, liquid fertility is one of these options which can be produced on farm very economically.