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YLAD Living Soils is an Australian owned company formed to supply sustainable biological, organic and humus compost fertility products and programs that support the natural balance of the physical, chemical and biological aspects of the soil, lessening the reliance on conventional chemical fertilser inputs.

Established in 2002 by Bill and Rhonda Daly, YLAD Living Soils have gained the reputation as leaders in agronomic advice for natural farming systems including environmentally sustainable educational programs to farmers making the transition from industrial to sustainable biological agriculture with confidence.


4-May-2015 Compost Week 4th - 10th May
6-Jan-2015 2015 Seeding Program
01-Jan-2015 News from Rhonda's Desk Issue 19
9-May-2015 ABC Gardening Australia - Giant Pumpkins
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 Lime Plus™ is a homogenous blend of calcium and other macro-nutrients,chelated trace elements and soil microbes,stabilised in humus designed to balance soils, reduce acidity and do more than just straight lime. Calcium is a mineral required for all life forms however we need to consider the ‘all important’ soil mineral ratios and have designed this unique Lime Plus™ product to promote healthy plant growth, crop and animal performance.